NOENGA® Vocation for Art … all over the world

Our purpose is to inspire art-lovers and support artists and creative professionals worldwide, by creating & sharing great content.


The Quest for making a living from Art

Follow the quest for making a living from Art. Aiming to perform the most comprehensive research ever been done on ‘How to make a living from Art’. We research and publish about it. We believe that sharing this knowledge will benefit artists worldwide.


The Great World Art Collection

Enjoy our unique global fine-art collections! Special projects driven by a high dosis of thinking outside the box, that gather artworks from all corners of the world. More information available soon!


The Community

The fine-art community website in vintage style. Over 10 years of online art curating by artists & art-lovers worldwide. Enjoy over 25.000 works of art by around 6.000 different artists and galleries.


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NOENGA® Vocation for Art

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